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Hacksaw Ridge





Friday December 2nd 7:00pm
Saturday December 3rd  1pm 4pm 7:00pm
Sunday December 4th 1:30pm and 4:00pm

Monday December 5th  7:00pm
Tuesday December 6th 7:00pm
Wednesday December 7th  7:00pm


Located in El Dorado Springs, Missouri, The Opera House Theater is a hometown historic 100 year old single screen movie theater playing first and second run digital movies, 6 days per week.  operahouse-frontWe also serve as a Concert Venue and host Special Events on Thursdays throughout the year.  Come take advantage of this beautiful piece of history.

Ticket Prices:

Adults 13-61 $7
Seniors 62 and up $5
Children 3-12 $5
Matinee and Sunday $5

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Coming Soon

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them