The Opera House Arts Council
is a not for profit organization dedicated to enhance greater understanding of the arts in our region by making community arts a viable part of the lives of our citizens.

The council is made up of members from all aspects of the community. The common denominator of Opera House Arts Council membership is that all members are involved in keeping arts and culture alive and well in the El Dorado Springs area!  We hold special events throughout the year, visit our Events page for a current list.

IMG_0483The historical Opera House Theater was renovated in 2007 by the Allison brothers. It was the first time that a movie theater played movies in our town since the 1970's. Due to change from 35mm to digital projection and the cost associated with it, the theater was shut down in 2012. Recently, a group of local citizens formed a non-profit group, The Opera House Arts Council, to bring this historical theater up-to-date. Through a year and a half of fundraising, a pre-owned digital projector was able to be purchased. In 2016, Opera House Theater opened again to the great delight of many in our community! A goal of the Arts Council was to provide scholarships to local seniors that were planning a career in the arts. We were able to give four scholarships through more fundraising.

We still have more work to do to ensure that we are able to continue to expose our small, rural area and our kids to the arts-theater, film, music, and art. We now have space for art education, but will need assistance in filling it with educational materials such as instruments, art supplies and teachers. Our kids need a continued and varied exposure to the arts. We also need a new screen in our theater and the building needs a new roof (it leaks), seats, and work needs to be done to the infrastructure.

donate-nowAny donation would help us be able to continue our scholarship program, continue the theater and bring more arts to our kids.

We are trying to open our new arts center by August 2016. Repairs and updates to the theater are ongoing, but we need to address the roof and screen soon!

The Opera House Arts Council will be very grateful for any donation, but it is the local children that will benefit the most and they will be thankful for the opportunity for the rest of their life!

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